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Outcomes of Using WYECBC mental health consultation

  • Increased social skill development in young children
  • Increased understanding of emotional development and needs of young children
  • Reduction in difficult classroom behaviors
  • Improvements in school performance and learning abilities
  • Reduction in expulsions and academic interruptions for young children
  • Reduction in provider and parent burnout
  • Development of a support network on a local level for children, families and their educators

The Clinic for Mental Health and Wellness

502 S. 4th Street
Laramie, WY 82070
(Serving statewide)


Providing mental health consulting to all early education providers in Laramie and Natrona Counties in Wyoming

Magellan of Wyoming
PO Box 20520 Cheyenne, WY 82003

Phone number: 307-459-6170 
Email WYECBC@MagellanHealth.com

What do we do as Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants?

Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants use best practices to work alongside early childhood professionals in your environments, with respect for your schedules and experience and knowledge. We will share strategies, look at and model evidence-based practices, and help you implement individual plans for care for your most challenging children.. In addition, we work with you to address and hopefully prevent behaviors from children going forward that are taxing your teaching staff and interfering with classroom guidance and instruction.

We use observations, conversations, meetings, training and workshops, referrals, support, and guidance. We want to see the whole picture when you are working with us, not just troubling behavior. We want to give you the support, tools, and skills to help you build strong relationships with the children and families you work with. We will collaboratively problem solve and make sure you have the best skills possible for situations that may arise.

Early Childhood Behavioral Consultant programs are implemented all over the country in many ways. We are excited to find the best way to bring this program to Wyoming and meet the needs of the early childhood programs and children served across Wyoming. We will be using in-person meetings, video meetings and observations, regular weekly contact as you work within your programs all in an effort to make theory and ideas come to life in successful classroom management skills.

Additionally, we will work with you while you work with the families and help strategize parenting skills and cooperative work with parents to increase positive outcomes for children and their families as well.

We use strength-based strategies developed by Georgetown University's Center for Child and Human Development over the last 30 years. This allows us to work with you to find the best solutions for each individual situation that you may bring to us. We use multi-level interventions to collaborate with staff, teachers, families, and any other professionals necessary.

You, as an early childhood professional, have the most important role. Your relationship with each child is essential and you really are the expert for your children. The relationships you build with the children and families can influence a child's later success. We want to help you and walk alongside you.

Reach out. Even if you aren't sure if we can support you, let's talk and see what we can do together. This program is grant-funded, and there is no financial commitment needed from you as we develop this amazing program here in Wyoming. We look forward to hearing from you.


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