Resource Library

The resource library will be updated on an on-going basis with available information for review as developed by the team, reference materials our consultants find helpful and possible training opportunities that the team might help your organization with for better service delivery.

A) Therapeutic Interventions for the Classroom

  • This is an hour long tutorial available as a video or in-person presentation sharing Theraplay Interventions, Touchstone Therapy Interventions and other classroom activities and support which will help early childhood staff identify creative activities that are therapeutic in nature but will benefit and engage all children


B) Early Childhood Theories

  • This is a two hour long tutorial available as a video or in-person presentation touching on the theories and research by John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth, Erickson’s Theory of Development, Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, Social Learning Theory and the Ecological Systems Theory which will help identify normal, healthy behaviors and help early childhood staff support parents in understanding their children’s internal drives


C) Understanding Attention Deficit Problems in Children

  • In this one hour presentation we discuss the differences in attention deficit concerns and how children present differently in their behaviors. We discuss behavioral interventions that may help children while they develop the regulation necessary to control their own behaviors.


D) Emotional Regulation: What Early Childhood Programs Can Do to Help Children in a Dysregulated World

  • This three hour presentation will help educators consider the stressors young children are experiencing and explore ways to manage their behavioral effectively and empathetically


E) Creating and Fostering a Therapeutic Learning Environment

  • In this three hour presentation, we explore the classroom environment and the impact it has on developing young brains


F) Development and Discipline

  • In this two hour presentation, we explore what are developmentally appropriate tasks for children and the kind of effective and positive guidance to support them at their developmental stages