Professionalism in Early Childhood

Title: Becoming Your Best: Buiding Professional Competencies 

Meghann Hickey 

Description: This article shares practical strategies for early childhood educators interested in building professional knowledge and skills.


Title: Code of Ethical Conduct 

Description: NAEYC/Ethics Position Statements


Title: Focus on Ethics

Ethical Issues: Responsibilities and Dilemmas 

Description: "Early childhood educators encounter many ethical issues in the course of their work with children and families. Each of the Focus on Ethics columns in Young Children presents an ethical issue and asks our readers to determine how an early childhood educator might best respond to it.”  This is one example from the Focus on Ethics column. (NAEYC)


Title: Sample Activities from Teaching the Code of Ethical Conduct: A Resource Guide 

Stephanie Feeney, Nacy K. Freeman, and Eva Moravcik


Title: Tips for Recent Graduates and Professionals New to ECE: Advice from Your Peers

Description: This resource is a summary of great tips for those entering the early childhood profession. insightful and encouraging advice is provided by experienced professionals.


Title: Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession 

NAEYC March 2020

Description:  Early childhood professionals, representing 15 national organizations joined together and “clearly defined the standards, qualifications, roles, supports, and compensations for members of their profession working with children birth through age 8.”  The task force also advocated for investments in early childhood to increase ensuring educators working in the profession are well-compensated. This website contains resources for those who want to learn more, engage, and advocate for this important work


Book Suggestions:

Title: Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide 

Description: Orientation for staff is an important step to ensuring they are confident and ready to step into new roles as early childhood professionals.  Learning about a new program or just a new position, this guide provides initial information as well as ongoing support. There is also a facilitator guide available.  (Redleaf)


Title: Ethics and the Early Childhood Educator Using the NAEYC Code  

Stephanie Feeney and Nancy K. Freeman

Description: This valuable resource includes actual cases and reflection questions from early childhood programs.  “Ethical conduct is critical, and the Code and this book are resources you can turn to again and again as you seek to make the right decisions for young children and their families.” (NAEYC)


Title: Professionalism in Early Childhood Education Doing Our Best for Young Children 

Stephanie Feeney

Description: "Dr. Feeney guides readers in understanding what it means to be an educator who embodies the highest standards of professionalism in their work with children, families, and colleagues.” This book is a great resource for those working with educators who are entering or exploring the early childhood profession.


Title: Teaching the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct: A Resource Guide

Stephanie Feeney, Nancy K. Freeman, Eva Moravcik 

Description: "This book provides information and guidance to help you teach new and experienced educators about professional ethics and the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. Full of engaging, effective ways to introduce the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and explore real-life, challenging ethical issues that face early childhood educators, the book includes tools and techniques the authors developed through their extensive experience teaching about ethics and the NAEYC Code.” (NAEYC)