Web Resources: Family Partnership

Title: From Parents to Partners Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program

By: Janis Keyser
Description: This book will support educators seeking to create strong relationships and partnerships with families. New to this edition are strategies for effectively using technology, a focus on inclusivity, and effective communication in family-centered care. Also included in this new version are ways to strengthen bonds with families through a Reggio-Emilia inspired approach.



Title: Family Engagement Making it Meaningful From Involvement to Engagement with Families

By: Holly Delgado
“Before programs can expect family members to extend learning into the home environment, they must ensure the school environment is warm and welcoming.” This article provides educators with ideas for creating cultural understanding and intentional practices that encourage families to engage fully in the early childhood program.


Title: Exploring Cultural Concepts: Funds of Knowledge

Description: Every family has Funds of Knowledge, the skills, knowledge, and cultural context that they bring to the early learning setting. Educators can create strong connections as they get to know the individual families and the unique strengths they bring to their children’s learning experiences. This PDF provides an overview of how Funds of Knowledge can be used to encourage respectful practices and engagement with families.


Title: Family Engagement: Moving Toward Genuine Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Education

By: Barb Volpe
“There is no more complex and tender geography than the borderlands between families and schools.” Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot “Administrators and teachers in early childhood programs often acknowledge the importance of building relationships with children and their families; however, the act of building respectful, mutual partnerships does not happen by accident. “ These resources give educators important insight into practices that encourage educators to intentionally build relationships with families. Also included are links to additional websites. https://mccormickcenter.nl.edu/library/family-engagement-moving-toward-genuine-family-partnerships-in-early-childhood-education


Title: Rituals and Traditions: Fostering a Sense of Community in Preschool.

By: Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard
“Rituals and traditions in preschool programs have the power to

  • Connect children, families, and staff
  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Create a positive learning environment

The information in this book answers the questions of why rituals and traditions are important and how teachers can incorporate them into their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans to create a supportive, caring community.”


Title: Family Engagement

By: Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center
Family engagement resources based on a collaborative, strength-based approach with an intentional focus on creating strong, respectful, relationships between family members and educators. “Family engagement focuses on culturally, linguistically responsive relationship-building with key family members in a child’s life.” This is a good starting place for connecting to resources for relationship-building between programs and families.


Title: Families and Educators Together: Building Great Relationships That Support Young Children

By Derry Koralek Karen N. Nemeth Kelly Ramsey
 “Cultivating positive, supportive partnerships between educators and families is an ongoing process, one that requires reciprocal respect and communication to grow. Use the practical information and ideas in this book to develop and embed a culture of family engagement in all aspects of your early childhood program, from curriculum planning to addressing children’s individual needs.”



Title: Many Languages, One Community: Engaging All Families

Description: “To promote children’s optimal learning and development, preschools need to recognize the primacy of children’s families, establish relationships with families based on mutual trust and respect, involve families in their children’s educational growth, and invite families to fully participate in the program. This article shares strategies that one center uses to meaningfully engage all families—including multilingual families—in their preschool community.”


Title: National Association for the Education of Young Children Blog

By: Supporting Families and Teachers Through Changes
NACEYC has created a Blog to provide encouragement for educators and families as they navigate the changes in their lives and in early childhood programs. Using Zoom and Google Hangouts to connect and strengthen bonds, encouraging families and educators to practice self- care, and creating respectful awareness of the diversity are just a few topics covered in this blog.